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VR camera price is high or not ?

2016-12-13 16:50:22

With the emergence of VR cameras, more and more people start to buy it. Whether it's in pursuit of fashion, or really attracted by it, in a word, using VR is more and more popular. So its price is high or not high? If people want to buy it, must to know about the price advance. Here is to introduce about VR camera prices.

VR camera price cannot treat as the same, because the price is decided by the style design, style and design are also varied. Different brands, in particular, is completely different in terms of price, from several thousand and above it. In general,VR can be divided into domestic and imported brand, For domestic, prices will be slightly lower, and for import one,the price is higher, the highest reached one hundred thousand yuan.


when choose and buy VR camera, people will consider the brand factors, according to the brand. Personally speaking,we don't advise people blindly choose imported brand, a lot of people think import brand quality will be better, actually also is not all like this, import brand not only the price is extremely high, few people can afford such a heavy economic pressure, and cost over ten thousand yuan is not necessary . Many domestic VR, the quality is not bad, but with a more reasonable price.

In the selection of VR camera brand, for homebred brand,we suggests that people can consider to choose HDKing,it is made by shenzhen HDKING electronics co., LTD., with production, research and development, design together,. This brand of camera, can satisfy the quality requirements of the camera for people, people don't want to buy the product which is no guarantee, HDKing brand can guarantee the quality of products, and the price is not high, vast majority of people are able to withstand the economy of scope.

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